Pros and Cons of Using Instagram

Instagram is clearly one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Being visual creatures, humans are undoubtedly appreciative of photos that detail their friends’ or relatives’ lives. The photo-sharing application has even served to increase the celebrity status of entertainers and other famous personalities who have found ways to maximize their Instagram usage.…

Facebook Marketing Strategies

While other people use Facebook to chat with their friends or to share pictures and videos, business people use it for marketing and branding. In order to become successful through gaining traffic and sales, businesses should use the most effective strategies of Facebook marketing. Have a look as this article will list down some of…

The Forgotten Power of Online Communities

Back in the early days of the internet, forums and ‘message boards’ were all the rage. These were pages on websites where people could log in and post messages relating to the subject of the site and this way they could discuss their favorite topics, get advice and maybe even make friends.

The potential for marketing here was obvious too – find the right forum and you’ve basically found a spot where all of your potential audience are hanging out in one place!