Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

A Strategic Approach to maximize local search traffic and enhance lead generation

The importance of Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses has grown significantly over the last several years with the sharp rise of internet connected smartphone usage. Local SEO focuses on providing search results that are relevant to Internet users based on their specific geographic location. If you search for ‘best divorce lawyer’ on your desktop or tablet PC right now, Google would display results that are the most relevant and are geographically close to where you are located.

To address the local nature of today’s search engine results, business owners need to optimize their web presence and tailor search strategies by geographic location to enhance local exposure, drive targeted local traffic and maximize sales and lead generation.

Local SEO Chicago

Driving Geographically Targeted Traffic is the key to success for Local Businesses

Are you a local or regional business that provides your products and services to consumers or clients in a specific geographic area? Are you struggling to attract targeted website visitors from the right locations?

Whether you’re a local or regional business that relies on targeting website traffic from specific geographic locations (neighborhoods, cities, towns, counties, states, territories, etc.), it’s extremely important that you understand that the traffic being driven to your website is the type of traffic that is valuable to your local business.

Our proven local SEO services make it easier for prospects in your geographically targeted locations to find you.

What is local seo and how does it work?

Local SEO involves a combination of various on-page and off-page organic SEO strategies that we have developed to maximize the traffic to your website from prospects in your specified marketing areas.

By using location-specific strategies we can effectively target local prospects in the geographic areas that are most important to your business. When these prospects use search words and phrases to find local businesses, they will find your website instead of your competitor.

Directory Profiles – Local Listings – Review Websites

Claiming, creating and maintaining business profiles on local listing, directory and review websites is important when you are targeting a local audience. How users engage with these review sites and local listing sites can have a substantial effect on your local search engine ranking. As part of our Local SEO Services we create, claim and maintain online profiles and listing so local prospects can find your business and interact with your brand.

Let us show you how our local search engine optimization and marketing strategies can help you achieve your online marketing objectives!

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