Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective strategies to improve your long term organic search engine ranking

Organic SEO Chicago_1Over 80% of your prospects go online to research a product or service before purchasing.

Will they find you or your competitors?

Your website’s primary purpose may be to sell products or services, generate qualified leads, develop brand awareness or to serve as a marketing or recruiting tool for your organization.

But let’s face it, regardless of your site’s primary goal; if people can’t find it easily on Google, Yahoo or any other major search engine, you are not maximizing its potential or effectiveness. If you’re looking for a better return on your Internet marketing investment, we can help.

FrontPage Interactive is an experienced, full service web development and digital marketing company located in the Chicago, IL area that serves clients nationwide.

Our strategic search engine optimization solutions can help you achieve the ROI you deserve, by

1. Improving your search engine rankings

“Internet search engines account for over 85% of all new visitors to a website.”

If your prospects can’t find your website, they can’t purchase your products or services. Make it easy for them by making your site ‘search engine friendly’ and optimize your website for the search engines.

2. Driving “targeted traffic” to your website

“It’s not about the number of visitors your site receives; it’s the number of targeted visitors.”

A million visitors to your website that have no interest in your product or service is an absolute waste of your time and effort.

However 10, 20 or even 100 targeted visitors that are truly interested in the products, services or information you have to offer on your website can be invaluable and a critical component to your success online.

FPI will make sure that you’re reaching your target audience by focusing on keyword phrases and strategies that will maximize your online exposure and drive targeted traffic to your business website.

3. Converting leads into dollars

“A visitor is just a visitor, unless you can convert them to a buyer, subscriber or lead.’

All websites have a “primary” purpose; whether it’s providing information, gathering information, attracting investors, delivering your brand message, soliciting donations, obtaining subscriptions, generating qualified sales leads or actually selling your products or services online.

Whatever your website’s purpose is, once you’ve attracted a ‘targeted’ visitor, you will want to do everything that you can to drive them to take action. After all, isn’t that why you have a website?

Search Engine Optimization can enhance your online exposure, drive targeted traffic and generate qualified leads. Some of the strategies that we employ include:

    • Competitive Analysis – marketing a business online can be a challenges process, especially in a highly competitive marketplace or business vertical. We will first analyze your business, then review your competitors to determine what works, what doesn’t and what we need to do to help you rank about your competition
    • Keyword and Key Phrase Strategy – In order for your Organic SEO campaign to be effective, you will want to target the most valuable keywords and phrases that will drive targeted visitors to your website. Remember “It’s not about the number of visitors your site receives; it’s the number of targeted visitors.”
    • Planning and Implementation – Organic SEO is a long term process, not a one-time task. If someone tells you that they can provide you with “overnight results”, you can be sure the results won’t last. We employ proven methods and strategies while systematically optimizing your site pages, the content and meta data that will have a big impact on your long term search engine ranking.
    • Content Development & Optimization – Regular updates to your site with unique, relevant content can have a dramatic effect on the “authority” your website pages receive. This authority can significantly influence your search engine performance.
    • On-Page Strategies
    • Off Page Strategies
    • Local Search Engine Optimization – Looking for better organic placement for keywords and phrases that are geographically targeted to the areas where you provide your products or services? Our local Search Engine Optimization Strategies specifically target users in your geographic service area. Local SEO strategies combined with a Full Service SEO campaign will make sure that your website is attracting prospects that are most valuable to your business.
    • Video Marketing – Using video as a marketing tool can be very powerful – but only if it is done right, used correctly and properly optimized for search. We have the experience, knowledge and necessary tools to create unique, quality marketing videos that will make your product or service stand out from the crowd.
    • Web Analytics – You can’t measure what you don’t track and you can’t optimize what you don’t measure. Marketing “by the seat of your pants” is not something that we do. We leave nothing to chance, especially when it comes to the online success of a client. Using web analytics is a critical component to any online marketing campaign. It provides the necessary information that allows you to better understand your website visitors, where they come from, what they are interested in and what needs to be done to maximize user engagement.

Let us show you how our strategic search engine optimization and marketing strategies can help you achieve your online marketing objectives!

What Our Clients Say

  • “Since FrontPage Interactive designed, developed, launched and began marketing our new website, our phone has not stopped ringing! The new website ranks very well on Google for all of our targeted keywords and is now the primary source of new business leads for our company.

    It has been a pleasure working with Al and the FrontPage team. Not only are they “always there when you need them”…they have successfully turned our website into a lead generating machine!”



    Dr. A. G.
    Lake Forest, IL
  • “We initially got in touch with FrontPage Interactive to help build our new website for our multi-office dental practice because they came well recommended from another business associate and they are a well-respected Chicago-area business.

    During our meeting with Al, he explained the importance of proper web development and search engine marketing for local businesses like ours. After our meeting we were very excited about the project and decided to invest in a new website along with organic search engine optimization, inbound marketing and local search marketing.

    Since we started working with FrontPage Interactive we have experienced substantial growth in new patient inquiries and we couldn’t be happier!”



    Dr. G. K.
    Lake County, IL
  • “Two years ago we were becoming disillusioned with FindLaw in its management of our website. FindLaw developed our website, but did very little in subsequent years to keep our website current and to ensure that the website reached as many prospective clients as possible. Two years ago, we were lucky enough to receive a recommendation from a friend in a downtown firm to contact FrontPage Interactive. She told us that they had developed their website and how they were constantly working to keep their site updated and relevant with the changing laws and times. Their firm receives an amazing number of contacts from the public.

    We contacted Al and met with him to discuss what our needs and expectations were and what services his firm provides to their clients. FrontPage completely redeveloped and updated our website and constantly contacts us regarding new opportunities to improve our site and to increase our connections through organic search engine optimization and social media, something FindLaw never suggested. Our prospective client contacts have increased significantly. Our firm is very grateful to Al and FrontPage for their hard work in support of our needs.”



    Brian H.
    Barrington, IL
  • “My company, Lakeland Plastics, had used Google Pay-Per-Click for our internet marketing effort for years. We saw very minimal traffic at a very high cost. We engaged FrontPage Interactive to design our new website and work on our SEO program and the results have been nothing short of astounding. None of our key word search phrases were ranked organically when we started with FPI, and after a year we are coming up on page 1 for almost all of our targeted keywords and phrases. Our traffic has grown by leaps and bounds as has our business.

    I can’t recommend them highly enough, they are professional, thorough and they deliver results!”



    Chris A.
    Mundelein, IL
  • “Al and his team at FrontPage Interactive helped me bring my businesses into the 21st century in terms of website design, SEO and understanding how important online exposure and search engine ranking is for my businesses.

    I view Al as a vital part of my management team. His expertise in matters of the Internet are second to none. In addition to this, Al is an excellent strategic thinker who had helped me both shape and execute growth strategies. He has designed and managed several of my business websites which have led to increases in my business revenue and enhanced my professional authority in the fields in which I work.

    I would encourage you have a dialogue with Al before selecting a partner to work with!”



    Kurt K.
    Plymouth, MI
  • “Having started a new consulting company I understood that prospective clients would want to see my web site. I built one by myself only to hear from colleagues it looked unprofessional. Upon a recommendation from a good friend, I found Al at FrontPage Interactive. He was great to work with and completely guided me through the process. Now my site is bringing me business without having to even network.”



    Abe R.
    Chicago, IL
  • “Having worked with Al and the FrontPage Interactive team for the past few years I can say unequivocally that their internet knowledge, development skill set and SEO expertise has dramatically improved my website traffic and client conversion ratio. They provided me will full website development, deployment and ongoing on-page and off-page optimization. They have been spot on with their work product and support efforts, I highly recommend Al and his team!”



    Mitch A.
    Northbrook, IL
  • “I can not express how great Al at FrontPage Interactive is. He went above and beyond in providing an exquisite website for Black Diamond Charities, and is always willing to assist at any time when I am technologically challenged! I would recommend FrontPage Interactive in a heartbeat.”



    Dawn B.
    Hinsdale, IL
  • “FrontPage Interactive is the best! They developed our new website and created a detailed online marketing plan to fit our budget. I recommend these guys 1000% –  they literally put our firm on the map and now our phone is ringing off the hook!”



    Alan H.
    Chicago, IL

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